Welcome to Suyash Hosting Where We Help Business Get Found Online

Welcome to Suyash Hosting where we strive to help businesses get found online.

I know it may not look like it right now, but behind the scenes my team and I are getting everything put together to launch this new site with a bunch of informative hosting information that will help you save time, energy and money.

Now one of the things that is kind of amazing today is the idea that there are people that are still using dedicated servers for hosting, when there are much cheaper alternatives that can actually be more reliable and easier to fix when things go wrong.  Gone are the days when a server room was filled with servers and each server providing service to a single customer, today’s Data Centers are filled with server racks that hold much smaller servers called blades that can actually provide the same level of service to many customers are the same time.

Here is a video we found on Youtube explaining the difference between Dedicated Hosting and VPS Hosting:

What do you think?  Other than some incredibly tight security restrictions, why would you choose a dedicated hosting server these days?

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